The Unluckiest Way to Achieve Your Goals

gone fishin
Is this fish lucky to have caught what it sought?

There once was a fish who swam with it’s mouth open, gathering up crumbs from the sea. Endlessly diving and dipping through the depths. Collecting algae, plankton, smaller fish. All kinds of things pass by his eyes and mouth.

One day, he chanced upon a coin bobbing in the depths. Fascinated with the way the sun shone off of it as it rotated lazily in the water, he grabbed onto it. As it began to slip Read more

The Master Key To Unlock All Your Problems


You’re here.

But you want to be there.

There is that future you see stretched out before you like a grand dream.

You’re sexier. Wealthier. And everything flows free and easy.

You’ll work hard to get there, and then it will pay off. You’ll enjoy your life more than you could ever imagine, because all your desires will be met.

But hold on a minute… that’s just a dream. You’re still here.

Looking up at sunset.


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6 Rules to Effortlessly Bootstrap a Blog to 100 Readers Per Day.



One of my favorite games is three-card Monte.

If you don’t know the game, it’s quite simple:

A hustler lays three cards face down on a table. Two alike, one different.

He shuffles the cards around in front of you, and makes them fly over each other. All the while you’re keeping your eyes tight.

The game is simple: find the queen.

Building a blog is a lot like three-card Monte. There are no tricks, but the “money card” of traffic and income is often hiding in plain sight.

In this post, I’m going to break down how I achieved 100 daily readers using simple, repeatable principles. I’ll cut away the illusion that there’s some “magic secret”.

Let’s get started… Read more